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John Deere M Parts

JD M Steering box rebuild:

Is the steering on your M loose? To get the tightness back you will have to rebuild the steering box. Here is what you will need to do. Remove the hood and other items so yo can get to the steering housing. Remove the shaft that connects the steering wheel to the housing. Remove the housing, check to make sure the bolts are not worn and the holes are not elongated if so you will to drill to the  next larger size. Remove the top cover and the end cover for the worm. Withdraw the worm out of the housing. Clean all parts thoroughly in solvent to get rid of the gunk that was called oil at one time.

Drive out the old bearings if there is anything left of them.
You will need:
The proper bearing remover( AKA socket set)
Seal Puller

Order Parts:
(2) JDM Steering housing bearings PN#
(replaces JD# 724T)

(1) JDM Steering housing seal PN#
(replaces JD# AM509T)

(1) JDM Steering worm seal PN#
(replaces JD# AM796T)

(1) JDM Steering worm ball bearing set PN#
(QTY=20) (replaces JD#M26552R)